Friday, November 12, 2010

Skinfit Trisuit wins Kona Gear Count 2010

Every year, volunteers are busy counting bikes, shoes, apparel, wheels, etc to be able to publish the prestigious Kona Gear Count. This year, Skinfit won the one-piece suit category and placed among the top three brands in Tops and Bottoms as well. An astonishing feat considering that most competitors are from North America where Skinfit does not yet have as strong of a presence as it does in the European markets. Skinfit is by far the most popular European brand and can compete head to head with the big names in the sport.

Skinfit has been manufacturing high-end Triathlon suits for 15 years and takes pride in its newest invention the Skinfit Tri Suit Plasma. The suit is incredibly fast in the water and offers an unusual high level of comfort during the other legs of the race as well. Our all-white tri gear was also very popular among athletes in Kona.

The results were published by and can be found here.

'Custom' includes any suits that could not be clearly assigned to any brand (for example due to excessive logos printed on the suits).

Skinfit would like to thank all its loyal customers for such a strong showing in Kona. We live Skinfit.

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