Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Skinfit Klima...nothing like it!!

Skinfit Klima Baselayers

The classic unisex Klima garments can be used all-year round; worn as the bottom layer, it aids moisture transport from the skin to the outside layers. It keeps you dry and has a lovely feel against the skin. When it's cold outside this is the perfect first layer for triathletes, cyclists, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts!
  • fast-drying
  • temperature-controlling
  • odorless
  • flat seams
  • extra-long back
  • Short-sleeve, long-sleeve, vest
Material: 100 % polypropylene

Packing measurements: 325m

Weight: 95g

* Ironman triathlon, Ironman World Championships, triathlon apparel, cycling apparel, running apparel

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skinfit Klima.Soft Baselayers

Why are our Klima.Soft baselayers so special and loved by everyone, including triathletes, cyclists, runners, and hikers?

  • it is ideal as sportswear and everyday wear
  • soft and comfortable to wear against the skin
  • odorless, thanks to the special fiber with inlaid silver ions
  • temperature-regulating hollow fiber
  • flat seams, tight fit also ideal for everyday wear
  • available in short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and sleeveless.
Material: 90 % polyamide, 10 % elastane

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