Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured product: Klima baselayer

Years ago when Skinfit was just getting started in Austria they sold one product, the Klima base layer . Today, this base layer remains one of Skinfit's premier items and thousands of athletes across the globe rely on it to keep them dry even during the most intense training and racing.
What makes the Klima base layers so unique and effective? Well, the fibers are woven loosely creating an almost "hollow" fiber. The loose weave allows air to flow through the material, helping to disperse moisture over a larger surface area and, thereby, allowing the moisture to evaporate faster. The result, your body stays dry even when you are working hard, which is the key to an effective base layer. At the same time, the Klima base layer also keeps you warm in cold temperatures. Again, the loose weave of the fibers traps air and this air stays warm against your core. The effect is similar to that of thermostatic control: When you are overheating, Skinfit Klima helps your body stay cool. In cold temperatures, the garments provide protection with their extraordinary insulation properties.
So, nearly 15 years ago Skinfit got started with Klima base layers , and today Skinfit still sells thousands of them every year. This product is timeless and every outdoor enthusiast should own a few. The base layers come in the standard short-sleeve (as pictured above), long-sleeve, and sleeveless. You can learn more about Skinfit products and access our webshop at

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our U.S. catalog is finally ready!

Alright, the long awaited Skinfit USA catalog is now printed and ready to be mailed out!!! It has been a long-time coming and we are happy with the finished product.
Let us know if you would like us to send one to you.
You can email us at

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