Monday, August 27, 2012

What are you swimming in at the 70.3 and Ironman World Championships?

 New WTC (Ironman) rules went into effect last year requiring all suits worn in non-wetsuit swims to be textile based. There was a mad rush by a lot of companies to produce a suit that would be deemed legal by WTC, the governing body of Ironman traithlon.
At Skinfit, there wasn't a mad rush to make a WTC legal suit because we have been making the fastest, most comfortable, and now "legal" tri suits on the market for years!! Our Speedsuit and Speedsuit II led the way being worn by some of the fastest ITU and Ironman athletes in the world! Our plasma suit, laced with all the latest technology, was released last year well before the rule change to complement our already superb triathlon product lineup. The beauty of our Speedsuit II and Plasma Suit is you get speed in the water AND you have the option of wearing it for the remainder of the race because of its superior comfort and functionality!  We find most people want to wear it even for wetsuit legal swims under their neoprene suits because it is so comfortable.

Most U.S. based athletes turn to the usual companies out there like TYR and Blue Seventy for their legal swimsuits but we feel strongly that Skinfit should be on a level playing field with these companies when it comes to having a fast, breathable and comfortable suit.  There is a reason why Skinfit is literally seen everywhere in Kona year after year...the brand is highly respected in Europe with it's roots in Austria. The brand is available in the United States at, which is a good thing for U.S. based athletes!

At Skinfit we pride ourselves on using the best material on the market to optimize comfort and functionality, our stitching is flawless, and our products have been tested under the most extreme circumstances by some of the best athletes in the world! If your looking for performance, comfort, breathablity and, durability then you should look at our Speedsuit II and Plasma Tri Suit before heading to Vegas for the 70.3 World Championships and Kona for the Ironman World Championships!!

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