Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Product highlight

Winter is here and it is time to layer up! Skinfit started 15 years ago with the Klima baselayer and to this day it is the most functional baselayer available.

Our collection of sports underwear is knitted with the functional microfine "Isofil" fiber. This fiber absorbs humidity from the body and quickly distributes it over a large surface (with a short-sleeve shirt, for example, over 32 square meters). Thus, the perspiration evaporates quickly or is transferred to the next clothing layer. The result: in spite of exertion, you feel dry. In the cold, on the other hand, Skinfit Klima has a warming effect due to the large amount of air captured in the fiber. The effect is similar to that of thermostatic control: When you are overheated, Skinfit Klima helps your body stay cool. In cold temperatures the garments provide protection with their extraordinary insulation properties.

Klima features:

Moisture wicking and evaporation
Good insulating properties (for optimum microclimate)
Easy care (wash at 95 C even for colored garments)
Quick drying
Odor resistant

available in S/S, L/S, and Sleeveless


1 comment:

jameson said...

klima baselayers keep me warm on the bike all winter long!