Tuesday, October 13, 2009


--Pro, Brian Lavelle, all smiles in an all-white Skinfit kit!

Kona was a big day (week) for Skinfit. Our brand was represented by athletes from around the world. At kona this year, it was particularly evident that Skinfit is truly a global brand and the decision to expand to the states is a smart one.
We (as in those that operate the company)have know for a long time that Skinfit is the premier sports apparel brand because of its superior functionality and comfort but to see so many other people supporting the brand at the biggest triathlon event in the world was both impressive and inspiring.

--Matt Hoover, season 2 Biggest Loser winner, rocked Skinfit all day! He loves our gear!

We are still in the beginning stages here in the U.S. but everyday we are growing and finding ways to get this incredible brand into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, our biggest project right now is getting our NEW website up and running. We are so excited about it...it is going to be a great site designed by Sarah Hudson at HuddyDesign. It will be user friendly and really showcase everything we have to offer.

So, congrats to all the Skinfit athletes that raced in Kona. We are proud of all of you...keep living the Skinfit lifestyle!

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Sarah Huddyson said...

Awesome update- congrats! Thanks for the shout out, Trev. :) You're right about the new site... can't wait to launch!!!