Monday, May 11, 2009

Product highlight: Tri Shorts 5504 and 5501

Our tri shorts are flying off the shelves for good reason. They are very comfortable, contour to your body, dry quickly, have tan anti-bacterial pad to keep you comfortable on the bike and the run, have a "no-bounce" pocket in the back, and they are very durable. Many of our customers claim the skinfit tri shorts are the most comfortable shorts they have ever worn and well worth the $89!
They come in two styles: The 5504 has a reflective "skinfit" print down the sidepanel and the 5501 maintains a more classic look with a smaller skinfit logo placed on the bottom of the shorts (See images below). The 5504 also comes in all-white for all of you heading to Kona, any other hot races, or if you just want to make a statement!

You can order these shorts through our webshop or by emailing us directly at
The race season is in full-effect so make sure to get your orders in quickly! Have a good week everyone and keep living the Skinfit Lifestyle!

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