Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special Edition Aero Shirts!

Hello everyone!
This week we are highlighting the special edition "Klagenfurt" aero shirts. There was a limited number produced and we are running out so we thought we would give all of you Skinfit lovers and loyalists the chance to get one of these "special edition" shirts before they are all gone!
The shirt is made from the same aero material that athletes around the world have fallen in love with. It is the perfect running shirt...breathable, comfortable, flexible and fast drying. The difference with the "Klagenfurt" shirts is the artistic design. Pictured, is an action shot of an ITU athlete exiting the water. It is a very cool looking shirt and only a handful of people in the world have one. So, if you want one of these email us at and we will ship it out to you asap! Just a heads up, by the end of the month these shirt will be out of stock.

Enjoy the outdoors everyone and live Skinfit!

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Marie said...

Great looking shirt!